Monday, December 16, 2019

Electronic Patient Scheduling System Free Essays

All potential stakeholders and/or users will give input regarding which software they feel will best suit the clinic’s needs. Constraints: The scheduling system must update on all department computers after any new entry has been made. The system must be operational by December 20th, 013. We will write a custom essay sample on Electronic Patient Scheduling System or any similar topic only for you Order Now The system must know average appointment times for all types of visits to avoid over booking patients. The system must alert users of cancellations or changes so 3. Perform fact-finding: Analyze the organizational chart of the clinic to determine stakeholders and/or users. Interview receptionists, nurses, doctors and assistants. Review the current paper patient appointment scheduling method. Observe the clinics operations for a day. Survey receptionists, doctors, nurses and assistants on what expectations they may have for an electronic patient appointment scheduling system. Identify the costs of the new electronic system. . Study usability, cost, benefit and schedule data: Analyze the interview information. Analyze the user surveys. Analyze observation notes to highlight key facts. Compare cost data. 5. Evaluate feasibility Operational Feasibility: Will the clinic users be able to effectively use the new system? Will extra training be needed for computer and software use? The IT department will work with all users through hands on training to make sure that everyone understands the new system. Technical Feasibility: Does the clinic have the necessary software, hardware, equipment and networking resources available for the new system? Does the current system need to be upgraded to handle the change effectively? Heartfelt will upgrade their current computers. Networking resources are currently in place and new software will be purchased. Economic Feasibility: Can the clinic afford the new patient appointment scheduling software? Can the clinic afford training for the users? Can the clinic afford new equipment if needed? The clinic has been diligent in staying within the allotted budget. Training and software will be purchased once all measures have been set in place. Schedule Feasibility: Can the clinic stakeholders’ timeline of December 20th, 2013 be met? . Present recommendations to management: I will prepare a written preliminary investigation report and present all of my findings to the clinic stakeholders. Some items to be included: Introduction-overview of the report; Systems Request Summary-basis of the systems request; Findings-results of preliminary investigation and Time and Cost Estimates-cost of acquiring and installing the new system and total cost of ownership during the life of the system. Systems Review: The current patient appointment scheduling system at Heartfelt Clinic is paper based. The clinic started out as a small clinic, but it is centrally located nd has since grown tremendously. How to cite Electronic Patient Scheduling System, Papers

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